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 Seattle City Light Department's Boundary Hydroelectric Project

Long View is heading the strategic consultant team for the relicensing of Seattle City Light's Boundary Hydroelectric Project. The relicensing is being conducted using FERC's Integrated Licensing Process (ILP). The Long View-led strategic consultant team reviewed and synthesized the existing information, identified key areas for development of supplemental baseline information, and managed the drafting and production of the Pre-Application Document. Long View is continuing to assist Seattle City Light with stakeholder consultation, focused on development of the comprehensive Proposed Study Plan (PSP). Long View is helping address a number of challenging resource and technical issues related to total dissolved gas (TDG) levels, fish passage and protection, and ramifications of load-following operations. Long View is also providing regulatory consulting in the area of water quality, and assistance with permitting for field studies. Also among Long View's roles in this relicensing are budget and project management assistance, and in this capacity, Long View has developed and employed highly effective budget and project status tracking tools.

 Chugach Electric Association, Inc.'s Cooper Lake Project

Long View Associates is the Lead Relicensing Consultant for the Cooper Lake Project. This 20-MW project in south central Alaska , owned and operated by Chugach Electric Association, includes a dam at the head of Cooper Creek (at the former natural outflow from Cooper Lake ), a tunnel/penstock from Cooper Lake to Kenai Lake , and a powerhouse on Kenai Lake. Early in the relicensing process, Long View developed a strategic Relicensing Recommendations Document and assisted Chugach in additional early stakeholder outreach, consultation efforts and project planning activities. Long View drafted and produced licensing documents (including the Initial Consultation Package and the License Application); reviewed study plans and reports; prepared presentation materials for public meetings; guided consultation efforts with licensing participants on licensing studies and PME development; assisted with management of the Section 106 consultation on cultural resource studies; and contributed to a preliminary analysis of fish entrainment risk. Long View also assisted Chugach with strategic planning and implementation of successful negotiations that culminated in a comprehensive relicensing settlement agreement among Chugach, all major federal and state resource agencies, non-governmental organizations, and a Native American tribe. The existing license for this project expires in 2007.

 TDX Power Service's Chakachamna Hydropower Project

Long View is the lead licensing and regulatory consultant to TDX Power Services, LLC (TDX). TDX is investigating the potential for the 300 MW Project, to be located at the existing Chakachamna Lake on the Chakachatna River in Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska. The Project entails the inter-basin transfer of water from a lake-tap near the outlet of Chakachamna Lake through an approximately 11-mile long hard-rock tunnel to an underground powerhouse that would discharge to the McArthur River. Long View's responsibilities include providing end-to-end planning and project management support, coordinating the internal communications among management and technical contractors; recommending framework elements of the licensing process; budget and work authorization development for technical contractors; and management of the overall licensing schedule. Long View is also responsible for overseeing development of regulatory documents and management of the agency consultation approach.

 Portland General Electric Pelton Round Butte Project

Long View Associates was the Lead Relicensing Consultant for the Pelton Round Butte Project throughout the successful relicensing of this project. This 427 MW project, a multiple dam and powerhouse system on the Deschutes River in central Oregon is a peaking project with a reregulating dam, which also includes a powerhouse. Long View helped Portland General Electric develop strategies for pre-formal and formal consultation, plan public involvement efforts, manage preparation of the Initial Consultation Document and License Application, coordinate efforts of other consultants supporting the licensing effort, participate in dispute resolution meetings, assist with settlement negotiations, coordinate the preparation of a Joint Amendment Application, and assisting with development of a database to track compliance with the new license. Long View is also the lead fisheries consultant for this relicensing. A major activity for Long View in this role was participating in the development and updating of a comprehensive Fish Passage Plan for addressing the feasibility of reintroducing anadromous fish above the Project. Long View is continuing in this role as the fisheries committee works through the extensive consultation process toward implementation of the fish passage plan.

 Portland General Electric's Clackamas Project

This project licensing was conducted using a collaborative licensing process involving development of a third-party EIS. As noted above, Long View provided strategic advice to assist in preliminary planning, development of project schedules, identification of licensing issues and potential stakeholders, preparation of documents to support the alternative process selection, and participation in planning meetings and negotiations with state and federal agencies and NGOs. Long View also supported the licensing effort by representing the client in a number of roles and tasks: lead overall licensing process coordinator; lead process consultant to fisheries, aquatic resource, water quality, instream flow/geomorphology, and fish passage technical work groups; facilitator and staff support to fish and aquatics committee; coordinator, contributing author, and technical editor of the Initial Information Package, the FERC application materials, and technical documentation to support the environmental analysis in the draft EIS; coordinator of technical services and documentation support related to settlement negotiations.

 Portland General Electric's Willamette Falls Project

Long View is providing planning and communications support for implementation of the fisheries program set forth in the Willamette Falls Settlement Agreement. Long View has provided strategic planning and facilitation of internal client teams and preliminary meetings involving parties to the Settlement Agreement. Long View is also assisting with project management support for license compliance, including: development communications protocols; assisting with drafting study plans and requests for proposals for technical contractors; and developing a database to track licensing compliance, a framework for building the future compliance record, and a structure for reports to meet FERC reporting requirements for the new license term.

 Alcoa Power Generating Inc.'s Tapoco Project

Long View was teamed with PB Power throughout the successful relicensing of the 350 MW Tapoco Hydroelectric Project located on the Little Tennessee River in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. The Project was recently relicensed by FERC on Jan. 25, 2005 and the new 40-year license became effective beginning March 1, 2005. Long View assisted Tapoco in evaluating existing information, identifying relicensing issues, developing a long-term relicensing plan and budget, developing consultation strategies, preparing and implementing annual work plans, and assisting with settlement negotiations. Long View coordinated the preparation of documents required for the alternative licensing process, including the Communications Protocol, the Initial Information Package, Scoping Document No. 1, and the Draft Environmental Assessment. Long View also served as the lead environmental consultant for the Project. Our responsibilities included developing study plans and budgets, assisting in the retaining and managing of technical subcontractors, managing field activities, and conducting consultation with the relicensing participants on all natural resource issues, such as fisheries, aquatics, recreation, water quality, and cultural resources.

Subsequent to the issuance of the new license, Long View is continuing to provide ongoing assistance with license compliance, including the maintenance of a compliance database. Long View has also prepared plans required under the new license, including a Shoreline Management Plan, a Recreation Plan, a Historic Properties Management Plan, a Fish Passage Translocation Plan, a Tailwater Fish Monitoring Plan, and a Gravel Enhancement Plan.

 Alcoa Power Generating Inc.'s Yadkin Shoreline Management Plan

Long View teamed with PB Power on the development and implementation of a Shoreline Management Plan for the 203 MW Yadkin Project, located in central North Carolina. Long View coordinated the development of the Shoreline Management Plan, including Specifications for Private Recreation Facilities, Procedures for the Approval of Subdivision Access, Multi-use Facility Permitting, and Industrial Approvals, a Shoreline Stewardship Policy, and a Permitting Fee Schedule. Coordination also included conducting meetings with the public, non-governmental organizations, and agencies, development of all documents related to the Shoreline Management Plan, including environmental assessments, public communications, and a request to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to approve the plan. Long View has also developed procedures and permitting forms and applications to assist Yadkin with the day-to-day implementation of the plan. The SMP has been filed with and approved by FERC and has been effective since July 1, 1999. Long View is continuing to provide assistance to APGI in implementing the SMP.

 Alcoa Power Generating Inc.'s Yadkin Relicensing Project

Long View is the lead relicensing consultant on the 203 MW Yadkin Project. Teamed with PB Power on this relicensing, Long View's responsibilities have included evaluating existing information, identifying relicensing issues, developing a long-term relicensing plan and budget, developing consultation strategies, preparing and implementing work plans, and assisting with settlement negotiations. Long View has also coordinated Yadkin's relicensing plans and study efforts with a downstream licensee whose project is also undergoing relicensing. Long View coordinated the preparation of documents required for an enhanced traditional licensing process, including the Initial Consultation Document and the Application for License. As lead environmental consultant, Long View's responsibilities also included developing study plans and budgets, assisting in the retaining and managing of technical subcontractors, managing field activities, and conducting consultation with the relicensing participants on all natural resource issues, such as fisheries, aquatics, recreation, water quality, and cultural resources.

 Florida Power and Light Energy's Maine Hydro LLC

Long View assisted FPL Energy in securing and complying with new FERC licenses for 26 hydropower projects located on the Kennebec, Androscoggin, and Saco rivers in Maine. Long View was responsible for preparing relicensing plans and schedules, conducting three-stage consultation, preparing study plans and reviewing study reports, preparing draft and final applications, reviewing and responding to FERC's NEPA review, and conducting several successful settlement negotiations on fish passage, minimum flow, recreation, and land management issues. Long View also assisted FPL Energy with compliance related issues, such as the five-year revision of emergency action plans for 15 projects and updating a hydro licensing compliance database.

 Portland General Electric, Pacificorp et. al (Purchasers) Priest Rapids Project

Long View monitored the relicensing of Grant County's Public Utility District's (PUD) Priest Rapids Project on the Columbia River for six wholesale power purchasers, including Portland General Electric, Pacificorp, Cowlitz County PUD, Seattle City Light, City of McMinniville, and Kittitas County PUD. Long View's activities on behalf of the six purchasers included attending relicensing and workgroup meetings, reviewing all documents prepared in connection with the relicensing, monitoring the FERC database, analyzing the issues associated with the relicensing, and preparing and distributing to the purchasers regular status reports and analysis. Long View also alerted the purchasers about issues of potential concern, analyzed how the relicensing was proceeding, and advised them as to what actions, if any, they might want to take. The license for the two-development Priest Rapids Project expired in 2005.

 Appalachian Power Company's Claytor Lake Project

Long View Associates assisted Appalachian Power with the development of a Pre-Application Document (PAD) for the relicensing of the Claytor Hydroelectric Project. This 75-MW project, located in southwest Virginia on the New River, generates electricity that is merged with power generated at other Appalachian hydro and coal-fired power plants in Virginia and West Virginia to help meet the electricity needs of millions of people in seven states.

 Confidential Project

Long View assisted Stoel Rives as an advisor in negotiating a settlement agreement for the relicensing of a large hydroelectric project in the Pacific Northwest. This project is located almost entirely on U.S. Forest Service land, making the U.S. Forest Service's 4(e) authority a key part of the negotiation. Other major parties included the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), state fish and wildlife, 401 certification and water rights agencies, and a non-governmental organization coalition. Major issues included fish passage, instream flow requirements, and ramping rates.

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